Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Passing Value from one form to another in value means

Chanchal da sent out email correcting the coding to pass on data from one from to another form. It is simply like this:
Passing Value from one form to another
Chanchaldas suggestion on txt box problem:::
Or pls try this out.

He suggested to add the name of the form which originally generates the data in the format:
Private Sub Form_Activate()
txtInput.Text = formNumber.Variablecontaining that data
End Sub

Hello Harun Bhai,
hope fine with vabi. we are fine here. Can you pls try the following:
Now Form 3 shows up and I want to display the value of the intTotalEco in a text box in this form3. I tried the following code but it Eco indicator value means::
the higher the eco-indicator value, the worse the impact

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Chi Square

Chi square===========google search: chi square with spsschi square test>>>on the column-- value,df,asymp.sig(2-sided)On the row---Pearson chi-squareLikelihood ratioLienar by linear association
There is another symmetric measures
Chi-square is most suitable bi-variate analytical technique for nominal type of variable
Sex is a nominal variable which is also called independent variable while doing Anova test.
4 cells (100.0%) have expected frequencies less than 5. The minimum expected cell frequency is 3.0.
The value under "Chi-Square" is .0000 because the cell frequencies were all equal. As usual, statistically significance results are indicated by "Asymp. Sig.[nificance]" values below .05. Obviously, this example is NOT statistically significant. In words, these results indicate that the obtained frequencies do not differ significantly from those that would be expected if all cell frequencies were equal in the population.
The chi-square test for independence is a test of whether two categorical variables are associated with each other,very goodIf simply "chi-square" is mentioned, it is probably Pearson's chi-square. is the value of the chi-square statistic.
8) This is your degrees of freedom.
9) Here is your significance (p-value).

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