Sunday, June 15, 2008


BBQ and grass cutting in Dublin 2 June 2008

In the morning, Zahid vai bought 2 litre petrol. Pouring this to our house old lawn mower, Zahid vai,Milon vai and me started cutting grass. To start the lawn mower,one needs to press the red button more than three times-- it is called priming. There are some grooves which might be used to move up the lawn mower blade. During mowing the grass, it is recommended to pull the mower a bit up. The box attached could be taken out if felt necessary.The grass may be taken out by pushing it front,not taking out the other way. Before cutting the grass using lawnmower,it may be a good idea to use shearers to cut the grass.
BBQ-- this was the first BBQ organised and managed by us. So it was a great experience for me.

How the BBQ works? Here goes the answer>>>

Charcoal is requird as fuel for the BBQ. We bought instant lighting charcoal of 4 kg from Tesco for 9.99 euro. Normal charcoal 4 kg is around 7 euro while the price of the lighting fluid is around 6 euro. If normal charcoal is used, to light up the charcoal, ligting fluid is to be spread over the coal. When ignited the charcoal started buring immediately,so it will be good idea to keep the meat ready to put. To serve meat with a good number, most of the chicken legs are grilled almost 90 percent by oven. Before putting into the oven, all legs are marianted with natural yogurt and BBQ masala. Some salt may be added. To turn down or turn off the buring of the charcoal, water may be poured upon. A tong is needed to turn around the chicken or meats and bread(ruti). The base with a hollow metal thing may be put on grooves on the side of the BBQ burner. Most of the cooking was done by Zerin vabi and all foods were really really great. Many thanks to Zerin vabi.


Mahfuz vabi(Sunny) brought some stick with salami on it. She also put slices of onions on it. Altogether it is called Sashlik. Before putting this on BBQ, she suggested to dip it into mixture of vegetable oil and cumin seed(zira).Around 80 people turned up. Arman bhai(past Londis owner,now working in Eircom as Business Analyst) came on the invite of Mamun vai.

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