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equal differentiation and not so equal..all human beings are equal at the end

When differentiation is done based on age and gender, these are called equal differentiation. Because one could not change it, he or she gets it. So if differentiation is made on the above two aspects like age and gender, not much debate would come up.

On the other hand, differentiation under certain aspects are controversial. For example, based on education, office rank, job types etc. Such differentiation is widespread and it is considered to be acceptable. However, whenever possible it is suggested not to use such differentiation. For example, not segregating faculty male washroom and staff male washroom.Furthermore, whenever such differentiation is applied, there should be fair chance of each and every person of the same age and gender to attain such status by dint of hard work and merit. It is my personal opinion that greetings and salutation should not be based on such aspects. For example, younger of higher status should greet the older lower status people if the equal differentiation is that older one gets greetings first. But in Bangladesh, it is the opposite, the older status first say salam to younger high status and so on.

Differentiation based on money falls withing the two category. So if differentiation is to be made other than age or gender, money may be taken as the safe criteria.For example, in the cafeteria there would be no differentiation with respect to rank like faculty,staff or students. However different segment would be priced differently and who ever pays more would get the better quality seats and surroundings.

Human beings do not bother much about the things which are out of his sight. So if a segregation is to be made on ranks or faculty or for staff, the whole facility for faculty should be located inside faculty club or compound. Thus other staff or students could not see and so there would not be much complain.

At the end of the day, we all are equal. We come to this earth as equal and go by equal. Only in between different types of resources are allocated and exams are set accordingly and fairly - so no need to worry!


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Difference among Congress, Conference, Seminar, Symposium & Workshop

What is the difference between Conference, Seminar, Symposium & Workshop?
Very good explanation is given here:

In summary,
seminar - usually one speaker gives a lecture and there may be a short question answer session.

Symposium - more than one speaker speaks on a given topic.

workshop - should be some hands on exercises along with lectures.

conference - big gathering of people with multiple sessin with multiple speaker.

congress - bigger than conference!

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General Knowledge Quiz links plus Olympiad meaning

Quizwise is a general knowledge quiz site for serious trivia enthusiasts. A new challenge is available every day. Our quizzes are the perfect way to relax over a morning coffee or wind down before bed. Daily quiz contains 7 questions.
Wildcard - Could be anything, especially questions that don't neatly fit other categories.

quiz for practicing . answer is hidden and pops up after click

quiz with information from India included

The word Olympiad is also used to indicate international competitions other than physical sports. This includes international science olympiads, such as the International Geography Olympiad, International Mathematical Olympiad and the International Linguistics Olympiad and their associated national qualifying tests (e.g., the United States of America Mathematical Olympiad or the North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad), and also events in mind-sports, such as the Science Olympiad, Mindsport Olympiad, Chess Olympiad and Computer Olympiad. In these cases Olympiad is used to indicate a regular event of international competition; it does not necessarily indicate a four-year period.



What does organized mean ?

Things need to go where they need to go, as says by David Allen for the question 'what does organized mean?', as a GTD famed organizing expert.
In my personal view, organized means the following Four things.

1. A time bound plan is to be made and it should be followed.

2. Things should be in the place where those are supposed to be. In others words, everything should have a place.

3. People should be available for the specific task when needed and where needed. In other words, every task is to be assigned to someone. As human beings need to get reminder, a manager or supervisor or reporting person should also be attached.

4. Proper information is to be available to everyone involved. For example, if a conference is arranged, its location map, program schedule, wash room facilities,
prayer room facility,food,transportation, signs are to be communicated by print,internet,verbal,signs etc methods.

To organize an event, several issues come up. Some of them are described below as an example.


In the breakfast,provide a little hard thing like pattis,packet butterbun,cake. Better to avoid little lesser shelf life thing like sandwich.

Try to provide an egg in the lunch as the chicken piece provided may not be big.

It may outsourced and better be cooked outside of the event premise or inside if facilities availalbe.

spoons, forks, good cup and pirich may be arranged earlier.

There are 334 persons altogether including laundry,ansars, cafeteria,halls, BE regular and daily staff altogether.


stage seat arrangement who will seat where should be fixed earlier. Flower bouquet may be provided by the student committee chairman after his speech. Crest to the  stage members may be provided before the vote of thanks.who will give crest to whom should be decided. In generally Chief guest will give crest to Chief Patron. Other crest may be given by Chief of the organisation.. Inauguration may be done with official video teaser.

Where the entourage would go it may be mentioned at the end.

Closing seat who will seat where, who will give prizes, who will give speech should be selected earlier. In the closing may be poppers may be used. group photo may also be taken.

For Carrying crest of guests some volunteers should be assigned.

to keep crest back, you need to unscrew the thing attached.

money receipt the word money receipt should be placed. there should be place for writing down the money.

if possible separate money receipt for each event could be made and there may be slight different in amount for easy identification.

Above 250 usd item or if the amount from same vendor,then three quotation is to be collected and lowest may be awarded the job.

there may be header of the name of the festival.

if direct deposit to the prescribed bank account is made it should be acknowledge with a acknowledgment receipt. Treasurer and chairman should sign it, counter signed by main committee assigned person usually convener or program coordinator.

Organizing body may set up specific mobile banking account that may be linked with usual bank account for allowing participants to send money easily. For example, several Bangladeshi universities have made agreement with teletalk for admission purpose. Alternatively Head of the organizers  may open up such mobile and departmental proper account where money could be sent. The Head may be given authority to sanction this money for use in the fest.  Cash received should be deposited to such account.

Fest kit
pens may be purchased more to give as token memento different persons.

tshirt also may be produced more to give as token memento.

no need to produce much for notebook.

They should be attached with one protocol or contact, preferably a junior student.

direction is to be made like map in board with schedule. Washroom and prayer room especially for females should be mentioned.

in kind things
say t shirt is given by an organization in kind. in that case the agreement and quantity to be supplied should be mentioned.

invited guest
Technical festival better be invited academicians,professionals, businessman,relevant Politicians.


Monday, August 17, 2015


as you like do and stick with time schedule = the ultimate procrastination hack

Always follow a time schedule prepared by you

Change could be made instantly for highest five times in a day.

Otherwise 10 mts at work and 2 mts at home freeze time applies.

When do something do it as you like very lightly and easy going mode, what ever easy and cozy you think so. However you could not extend the time, you need to finish it by the allocated time.

When you assume time, then usually it gets wrong. Usually it takes twice and some cases upto four times more time. Conversely when you measure time taken for a task, later you could do the same task by half of the measured time most of the cases and in some cases upto one fourth time. It may be called converse rule of pareto.

When you do a task, do it slowly but finish in the stipulated time. Thats the hack.

WRite down a how to do the task manual. This will solve your problem of procrastination and show the easy going as you like way of doing the task.

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Tuesday, August 04, 2015


Think big,look down , MD of Western Marine Bangladesh quote and video

"Think big,look down"
Md. Sakhawat Hossain ,MD and entrepreneur director of Western Marine

He speaks about his life story in business icon, a weekly program of ntv Bangladesh.

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Saturday, August 01, 2015


Convert pdf to jpg image and Post Your PDF On Facebook

3 Different Ways To Post Your PDF On Facebook

I think converting pdf to image and upload those as photo is the best option.

The simple way is to use online converter that do multiple pagers of one pdf file to separate images in one go.
Find an online PDF to JPG converter. There are several to choose from, and most are free to use. These services allow you to upload your PDF file which will be converted to JPG format. If you have multiple pages in your PDF document, each page will be converted to a separate JPG file.

 Click the “Choose file” button on the online converter of your choice. Browse your computer for the PDF file that you want to upload. One of the limits to these services is that file sizes are typically limited to 25 MB per file (100 MB in Zamzar’s case and no limit on Smallpdf).

Online converters typically set their default quality at 150 DPI, which results in decent quality conversions. You can usually change this to 300 DPI, which will dramatically improve the quality but lead to a much larger file.

    Sometimes you will need to select JPG as the desired output format (others have JPG selected as standard).

 Many services will optionally email you once the conversion process is complete, or will email you the download links for the converted file.

    If your file has multiple pages, you may be given links to download each page individually, or you can download all of the files at once in ZIP archive format.
nice little one
its privacy policy states "Your PDF and JPG files will be deleted from our servers an hour after the conversion. No-one has access to those files and your privacy is guaranteed."
it has quality options and it also states that no watermark would be given in the pages. Further all documents uploaded will be deleted.

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