Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Part 1: price comparison of Broadband, internet,mobile internet in Bangladesh

I have collecting information regarding price of Broadband, internet,mobile internet in Bangladesh from different service providers. Appears below price comparison on 128kilo bit per second speed. Please be noted 128kilo bit and 128 kilo byte are different.

Actually 128 kilo bit per second is roughly equivalent to 16 kilo byte per second.
Usually the providers quote their speed in kilo bit ber second as it shows higher value than the kilo byte per second! However when you download something, in your computer you will see download speed as kilo byte per second!!!!!!!!!!!!

Usage Limit Speed

Grameen Aktel Warid Qubee Banglalion
1GB 128kbitps=16kbyteps 300 250 n/a





850 (students only) 600

Modem Price 3900

4000 3500 3500 and 4200

Installation Charge


Speed stability

User recommendation

Over use charge

Tk. 0.15/MB

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