Tuesday, November 09, 2010


some sort of insurance attached with credit card : catch!

To maximize profit, most of the credit cards offered by different banks come with default somesort of insuracne attached to it. The customer has to pay a monthly fee or a percentage of the total bill. It's a fee that the credit card company realizes literally for nothing. Well it is said to cover your debt if you fail to pay the bill. However there are so many terms and conditions that the credit card issuer will not have to pay much in that case.

To cancel such insurance thing, the customer has to go through some paperwork or phone call. Usually he/she needs to submit an application(in plain paper or in requisite form) to cancel the insurance. In some cases calling the customer help desk may do.

The examples of such insuracne are:

Standard Chartered: safetynet

Eastern Bank Limited: Risk Assurance Program

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Monday, November 08, 2010


rajuk purbachal form and other documetns submission procedure

A forwarding letter is to be submitted with the list of documents is submitted.

This letter may be acknowledged by the recipient and the applicant may keep it as a proof of document submission.

Photocopy of the First letter from Rajuk is to be submitted both when loding money in the bank and also when submitting the application form and required documents.

Affidavit could be done from press club. First page 100 taka stamp and second page 50 taka stamp. The notary public takes 100 taka for this(correct as of October 2010).

Salary to be mentioned on the date of applicatoin(of that month)

Tax certificate of the date of sumbission. There is a little confusion so previous tax year from the date of submission and the tax year of the date of sumbission may be provided.

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