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divide organisation incurring loss into many to compete among themselves

It has worked in China and many cases in public sectors.


how long records should be kept? us and uk perspective and universal suggestion

 practical suggestion with less time retentions>>>>
Bank statements
One month. You just need these long enough to check the accuracy of the transactions [Williams]. Unless the statement is your only record for a tax-related transaction, there's no need to keep them longer. Plus, your bank will have them available online.

Retirement plan statements
Most, one year, for tax purposes [Rich]. Keep Roth IRA statements until you retire, to prove you already paid tax on your contributions [Rich].
Credit card statements
Shred immediately after checking the accuracy of the transactions [Williams]. These documents are a prime source for identity theft. Unless the statement is your only record for a tax-related transaction, there's no need to keep them longer. Plus, your issuer will have them available online.

One year, until you receive your W-2 [Rich].

Bills utility and others
One year, for tax purposes [Rich].
Keep records for 7 years if you file a claim for a loss from worthless securities or bad debt deduction. Keep records for 6 years if you do not report income that you should report, and it is more than 25% of the gross income shown on your return.30 Jun 2015

Period of Limitations that apply to income tax returns

    Keep records for 3 years if situations (4), (5), and (6) below do not apply to you.
    Keep records for 3 years from the date you filed your original return or 2 years from the date you paid the tax, whichever is later, if you file a claim for credit or refund after you file your return.
    Keep records for 7 years if you file a claim for a loss from worthless securities or bad debt deduction.
    Keep records for 6 years if you do not report income that you should report, and it is more than 25% of the gross income shown on your return.
    Keep records indefinitely if you do not file a return.
    Keep records indefinitely if you file a fraudulent return.
    Keep employment tax records for at least 4 years after the date that the tax becomes due or is paid, whichever is later.

Tax returns sent on or before the deadline for UK

You should keep your records for at least 22 months after the end of the tax year the tax return is for.


If you send your 2013 to 2014 tax return online by 31 January 2015, keep your records until at least the end of January 2016.

Detailes suggestion on many items


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CNG m3(i.e.cubic meter) to kg , efficiency,mileage, per km cost

1 m3 of natural gas = 1.032 litres of diesel

Therefore, there are 0.714 kilograms in a cubic meter of natural gas.

CNG measured in Kg

CNG is measured in the mass unit kg and not in liters or m³, both measures for volume. One cubic meter of CNG under 10 bar pressure has just a fraction of the energy value than one cubic meter of CNG under 200 bar pressure. However, one kilogram of CNG has always the same calorific value, no matter whether it has a volume of 500 liters, or just a volume of 60 liters - under 200 bar pressure.

1 kg CNG = 1.51 liters of Petro
running cost as of 2015 sep for cng car would be 3 BDT per km and for petorl car 6 BDT per km.

Natural Gas is compressed & dispensed to vehicles at high pressure of 200 bar to enhance the vehicle on board storage capacity.

How many K.M. does the vehicle run with 1m3 of gas?
Ans: Theoretically 1 m3 CNG=1.23 lit. of petrol/octane. Practically, vehicle will run the same distance as it goes with 1 lit. of petrol/octane. But it depends on the engine condition of your vehicle.

How much gas can be contained in 90/6O WL cylinder?
Ans: 90 liter maximum = 90/4 = 22.5 m3 of CNG.
        60 liter maximum = 60/4 = 15 m3 of CNG.

At present, CNG is sold for Rs63.80 per kg and petrol Rs65.72 per litre in Ahmedabad.
Experts believe that even the gap betweeTata Nano eMax

Tata Nano CNG emax is the latest variant of the small Indian car Tata Nano. It is the Best Mileage CNG Cars in India. You can purchase the car for Rs 2.40 lakh – base model. The top end variant priced at Rs.  2.58 lakh. CX trim is the base variant and the LX trim is the top end variant. The claimed mileage of 36km/kg make the Nano CNG emax India’s most fuel efficient car. It is powered by 624cc petrol engine makes 37 Bhp @ 5500 Rpm power and 51 Nm @ 4000 Rpm torque on ride.
- See more at: the mileage cars in value terms of CNG and petrol has narrowed down. Earlier, the mileage of CNG cars was valued around Rs2 to Rs2.50 per km which increased to more than Rs3.50 to Rs4 per km. In case of petrol, it used to be around Rs6 per km which came down by more than Re1.

Life of the car: Petrol and CNG cars again have a good life of about 9-12 years without any major problems if maintained well. Diesel cars on the other side have a life of about 5-8 years without any hiccups again with the condition that they are maintained well.

Saving: This is the most important factor to be considered.First we take the CNG version of a car. The on-road cost per km in a CNG car costs from Rs.2-2.5, i.e. in city roads a mileage of 17-19 kms/kg. And the same in petrol version costs from Rs.5-7.5 i.e. a mileage of 11-13 kms/litre. So if you compare both, your running cost in CNG is half or maybe even more than half of Petrol.
The money that a person invests in the CNG kit should be recovered within 1.5-2 years. So on that basis if you need to recover a maximum of Rs. 60000 in 2 years you need to use the car to the extent of 24000kms in 2 years, making it approximately 40 kms of travel everyday. After 2 years each and every time that you get your CNG refilled you’ll be saving money.

mumbai cng price since april 2015 per kg is Mumbai    Rs .42.95 [it is equal to Rs 33 per m3, so almost same price now in BD and India]

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solution:when Computer turns off suddenly and without warning

Good suggestion at:
most probably it is CPU heating related issue.

Another good suggestion at:

In my computer, I could turn on after it turned off without warning using UPS, not direct line electricity. It is weird but it works. Again, on opening up the computer, the screen shows CPU temperature and when it goes around 37 or higher Celsius that may mean it is too heat and may turn off soon.



websites award winning 220915

List of wonderful award winning design of websites

From the above list I like the followings and most of them are kind of dynamic, as you scroll by turning the middle button of your mouse, image come forward or backward and new things comes up.

world of swiss com

los angels times

virgin america



New ventures found as of 21 sept 2015

Instacart is a grocery delivery service that delivers in as little as an hour! We connect you with Personal Shoppers in your area who pick up and deliver your groceries from your favorite local stores.

We deliver from 9am to Midnight every day, depending on local store hours. On holidays, our delivery hours are subject to store holiday hours. You can view available delivery times for your area from the shopping cart.

Our fastest delivery was just 12 minutes! Most customers choose to have delivery in the next 2 hours, and you can also schedule for a later date or time during checkout.

Our Personal Shoppers shop from local stores in your area including Whole Foods Market, Costco, and many other stores. Instacart is an independent business and is not necessarily affiliated with, or endorsed or sponsored by Kroger or other retailers mentioned on this website.

Pick up orders are currently available in select cities and stores.

You must select a store location that offers Pickup when you create your order. During the check out phase, we'll ask you to re-confirm the pickup location.

We're super laser focused in increasing pick up options for all areas, so please stay tuned for updates!

Qupup on demand delivery in uk
Quiqup can pick up anything you want, and deliver wherever you are. Avoid the queues, the traffic and the stress, and let our carefully selected Quiqiees take

We cover the best of the city, including all the independent stores you love, and even recommend new places destined to become your future favorites. Whatever you need, Quiqup can get it now.

Wouldn’t it be great to know there was always someone on stand-by, ready to run personal errands just for you?

That’s what we do. Quiqup can pick up anything you want, and deliver wherever you are. Avoid the queues, the traffic and the stress, and let our carefully selected Quiqiees take care of everything.

o exactly what do you deliver?

Pretty much anything. No, seriously! If you cannot find it on our app then type in what you want as a ‘custom order’. We may need to give you a quick call to double check it with you or to give you a price but where possible we will try our very best to get you anything you need. We once delivered someones bike after they had no choice but to leave it locked outside the bar they had been drinking at.

Our most regular deliveries are takeaways, particularly from restaurants that don’t deliver (lots of the really delicious ones), groceries, healthcare products and drinks – and we don’t mean soft drinks!

How much will my order cost me?

It all depends on how far we have to go for you. Our minimum charge is £5 plus a service charge of 9% of the value of your order. Most of the money goes to the Quiqie and our team of very clever app developers who are constantly trying to improve the app and add new features.
How long will my order take to get to me?

Again, this will depend on how far we need to go for you. But we do have Quiqies all over London to make sure we are near as possible to most things. On average an order usually takes around 30 mins to collect, pack properly for transportation and then deliver. If anything delays them then they will drop you a message to let you know – this doesn’t happen very often but occasionally a restaurant may have a backlog of food orders to get through or the Quiqie may find a unexpected obstruction on his quickest route to you.
Can I track my delivery?

Absolutely. When you submit your order you will receive a text from the Quiqie that has been given your order. This is to introduce themselves and to tell you they are on their way to get it. After this you can track them in real time on the app to see how they are doing. A word of warning though – it can get very addictive watching them move across the map, oh and try not to laugh at their mug shots!
Can I order from more than one place at once?

Yes you can. We will need to charge you a little more for delivery but it works out much cheaper that two separate orders

Do you deliver to offices and businesses?

Yes, in fact we love to! Many of our best customers are offices that order in lunch for their staff or ask us to fetch an emergency stationery order or ink cartridge for the printer. We are even asked to pick up and deliver birthday cakes for unsuspecting office colleagues!

Can I have something picked up and delivered to someone for me?

Absolutely. This is a very common request and it is why we have the ‘Pick-up’ option on the app. The most usual items we are asked to pick up include keys, parcels, documents and prescription requests. We draw the line though at elephants - as we cannot fit them in the van.
Do I have to tip?

No, not at all. However, if you think the service you have received is worthy of a tip then your Quiqie would be most grateful.

What if I am not in when the Quiqie arrives?

If you think you might not be in when the Quiqie delivers your order please either send an SMS to your Quiqie (they will have contacted you already) or call us on 07873537211 to let us know. Depending on the order your Quiqie may be able to come back a little later, wait a short time or maybe entertain your neighbours with a juggling act.

Postmates pioneer in usa and the world

nce you've chosen a store, select the items you'd like to have delivered. If there is a menu, you can simply check off the items you want. And if there's no menu, you can write a shopping list in the "Add a custom order" field.

hat can I have delivered with Postmates?

If it's an item in a store or restaurant in your city, we can deliver it. Get pizza from your favorite neighborhood joint, donuts from across town, new sneakers from Nike, an iphone charger from the Apple Store, prescriptions from the pharmacy, you name it.

How much does it cost?

Delivery fees start at $5 and are determined by the distance from pick-up to drop-off, and the capacity of the platform. Additionally, a 9% service fee is applied to the purchase price of your items.

What is Blitz Pricing?

Blitz Pricing indicates demand is higher than normal, and deliveries will cost a little more during these peak times. This increased pricing creates a strong financial incentive for Postmates to make themselves available when you need them the most. We will always be transparent when blitz pricing is active. You'll have to click through and accept the higher delivery price to place an order.

Is tip required? Where does that money go?

Tip is not required. 100% goes to your Postmate for their effort on the delivery. If you would like to leave a tip, you are given the opportunity to add 10%, 15%, 20% or a custom dollar amount. The tip screen will pop up once your delivery is complete.
Can I tip my Postmate with cash?

No. Tips are only accepted through the app.

Can I get items from Craigslist delivered?

We can only deliver a purchase from Craigslist if you have already paid the seller or if the person you are purchasing from will accept a credit card. We will not pay cash for an item off Craigslist and we cannot pick up cash from you and then retrieve the item.

Postmates is transforming the way local goods move around a city by enabling anyone to get any product delivered in under one hour. Postmates' revolutionary urban logistics & on-demand delivery platform connects customers with local couriers, who purchase and deliver goods from any restaurant or store in a city.

exam prep app and website in india

Feex robinhood of fees
Founded in September of 2012, FeeX is a free service that finds and helps you reduce fees in your IRA, 401(k), 403(b), brokerage and other investment-type accounts. But investment accounts are just the beginning. As the Robin Hood of Fees, our mission is to break the asymmetry of information that hinders so many of us in our daily financial lives.

 Solving tech problems in your home
We come to you to help — anytime, anywhere.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

long-distance ridesharing platform BlaBlaCar
Trusted ridesharing
Connecting people who need to travel with drivers who have empty seats

Trust factor
First, member identities are authentic. Second, the community self-moderates, using profiles and ratings to evaluate members and vet those that do not respect the BlaBlaCar spirit of positive community collaboration. Third, BlaBlaCar has a dedicated Member Relations team, available every day to support users, so you always get the best experience out of BlaBlaCar.


Trust is at the centre of all communities, and BlaBlaCar is no exception. On BlaBlaCar, every time two members meet in real life they publicly rate each other, allowing the members to build up a trusted community reputation. This means that before you travel with another member you can read their ratings and benefit from the experience of other members. If a member has been declared trustworthy by several people in the past, you can trust them too.


On BlaBlaCar, you get to choose your travelling companions. Co-travellers contact car owners of their choice, and in turn, car owners can quickly accept or decline requests. To help members decide, in addition to ratings, BlaBlaCar provides valuable information about each members recent activity and experience level. This means you will always be confident and comfortable planning a rideshare.


BlaBlaCar needs your phone number to verify your identity and to send you notifications when you plan a rideshare. But this doesn’t mean anyone will be calling you on it! Whether you prefer to receive emails or just don’t have time to take calls, enabling the Hidden Number Option means your number will NOT be shown to members on your profile. And thanks to our internal messaging service, you can talk to any member without ever disclosing your email address either. When a member writes to you, you’ll get a nice email from us, letting you know that you have a message available in your member space. It’s simple and all your details remain strictly confidential.

airbnb peer to peer lodging
Rent unique places to stay from local hosts in 190+ countries.

Estimote indoor location company

Monese  internet bank where one can open account without utility bills

Monese Launches In U.K. To Let Immigrants And Expats Get A Mobile Banking Account
Part of the reason that the company is able to offer banking to those who high street banks typically decline or put up additional barriers is that Monese doesn’t hold a full banking license, meaning that it isn’t able to offer credit or loan out customer deposits. Instead the startup is classified by the Financial Conduct Authority, the U.K. regulator, as an Electronic Money Institution.

The other part of the equation is Monese’s technology play. It claims to validate your identity in real­time based on a snapshot of your passport and a ‘?s?elfie’? taken with your smartphone as part of the account opening process. In addition to “hundreds of data points”, the company’s system then makes an instant decision on whether or not to allow you to open an account.

However, despite not being a ‘bank’ per se, for all intents and purposes — and not least for those for whom Monese solves a genuine problem — it operates as a bank account like any other, including providing an account number and sort code, a Visa Debit card, and cash deposits and withdrawals. In fact the startup has a few additional tricks up its sleeve too.
t Monese you can get an account number and sort code on your mobile phone in minutes and start using it immediately - even if you’re new in the UK

The first edition of the Monese Visa debit card comes in striking blue and is a stylish addition to any wallet or purse. Use it to pay in stores, or withdraw cash from ATMs globally.

Shelfie -own the book, take a pic of the shelf get the books in shelf as free ebooks or discounted ebooks.
If you’re like me, you have a lot of Mad Magazine books from the 1970s, a classic copy of Oui from 1979, and three Hungarian cookbooks. In other words, you’re a well-read individual. But how do you get those books onto your reading device? Shelfie, that’s how.

Created by Peter Hudson and Marius Muja, Shelfie allows you to take a picture of your bookshelf and return a list of discounted or free ebooks for download.

Caret an address book for 21st century

Caret exchanges automated status updates with your approved contacts, such as call availability, calendar events, location triggers, local time and timezone information, etc.
The app transforms your static address book into a dynamic view of
your contacts' availability and status.
Today, the co-founder of LogMeIn, Marton Anka, is introducing his own take on the “next generation” address book with the debut of Caret, a social app that includes the ability to share your availability information with those you trust.

The idea behind Caret is to combine what’s historically been a more static database of contacts with social networking features, automation and location services in order to offer users a more intelligent tool for reaching out to their friends, family and business contacts.

The address book integrates with users’ existing contact lists on their mobile device, and then places all those contacts into a default group that can then see your basic status – like “available” or “unavailable,” similar to a messaging app like WhatsApp. Users can also see your current location by country level (e.g. the U.S.), plus time zone and weather information.

This offers all your contacts some high-level information about where you are today, though if you want to stop users from even seeing anything at all, you can block them.

Where Caret gets more interesting, however, is when you start sorting contacts into other groups in order to provide them with additional information about your availability, location, and current status.

To make this possible, the app taps into smartphone sensors. For example, if the device’s GPS detects you’re moving at more than 10 MPH, then Caret can show a trusted contact that you’re currently in a vehicle and may not be able to respond immediately to an incoming call or text. In another example, if you turn your phone face down while in a meeting, Caret will inform your colleagues that you’re not available.

That said, if Caret’s user base is able to grow, there are other neat tricks it can do. For instance, you can configure a custom status that pops up with you arrive at a pre-set location and then see which contacts are near you. This could make sense for when you’re arriving at a big event, like a conference, concert, or outdoor festival, perhaps.

Envoy, which provides early elderly care with a concierge service for tasks like delivering groceries,

Envoy’s pitch is that it provides a one-to-one concierge with seniors that don’t quite need full-time assistance, but periodically need help with tasks like running errands and for in-home help like plumbing. These tasks are usually handled by family members, CEO Justin Lin said

Family members will also have access to remote monitoring, including things like photos and receipts, which aims to remove some of the anxiety over employing an unknown person to provide care for a senior family member.

“It’s basically, you’re living at home, mom and dad are getting older but they start needing a little bit of help,” Lin said. “They’re not ready to hire a full-blown caregiver, they don’t need help getting dressed, they don’t need someone to come every day but they need a little support. And they need that personal touch and trust factor — that’s actually a long perio


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Indian new ventures 21sep2015

Redbus online bus ticket pioneer in India since 2009

Track my bus feature enables our on-the-go customers and their families to keep track of the bus location. You can track your bus on a map and use the information to plan your commute to the boarding point and to get off at the right stop. Family members and friends can also check the bus location to coordinate pick-ups and rest assured about your safety. Bus operators use this feature to share any delay in bus schedule and which are instantly shared with you. A win- win for all, it’s the smarter way

to travel!

Smart Boarding
Whether you are running late or early, use the app to

know which boarding point is the closest to you and check the estimated time of arrival of the bus at that stop. No need to call bus operators to check if the bus is running on schedule as we will keep you updated on any delay in the bus schedule.

Smart Dropping
When you are traveling to a new city, use the mobile app to get suggestions from us on which dropping point would be the best for you. Confirm it with us and we will also alert you when to get off the bus!
Someone picking you up at the stop? Ask them to use Track My Bus feature to check where your bus has reached and plan their commute to the pick-up point.

Forbes review on how it works the redbus


d of time.”

plane train bus hotel ticketing sites


domestic and international flights

Lowest fare finder with graph cool.
avg design not good

aggregator of most of the indian travel sites

independent travel company that provides also internet booking. Besides its website contains good info on car hire, forex, visa requirement for different countries, bus ticket, world sim that takes up UK and USA no etc.

similar such independent travel ageny in ireland is clubtravels, its sister concerns are abbey travels,

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formal second person pronoun abolished in English, language reform in Sweden in 1970s

Previously English language has two types of second person pronouns like it still exists in many languages such as Bangla, French, Spanish, Thai, Japanese, Korean etc. These two second person pronouns are you[like apni] and thou[like tumi]. However, now a days only one second person pronoun(i.e. you) is used thus making it egalitarian.

 By the fifteenth century, the use of you/ thou was an established index of social status. But it also acted as a marker of interpersonal relationships. (Notions of superiority/ inferiority were not solely dependent on rank or social class, but were applied to family groups too.) The choice of you/ thou during this time was governed by more contingent, context-dependent pragmatic as well as established social rules -- requiring a certain sensitivity of judgment on the part of the speaker. In fact these rules still hold; think about your response to the ways different people use your name. For instance, if your name happens to be James Penberthy, how would you react to being called 'Jimmy' or 'Penners' by a person you'd just been introduced to? In other words, the hearer can quite accurately calculate the speaker's attitude towards him by her choice of address form (whether name or pronoun). Consequently, the socially-oriented contrast of you/ thou  developed interpersonal meanings.

Language reform in the early 1970s in Sweden discouraged the use of the formal second-person pronoun to address persons of high standing



customer service in France and Italy

Customer Service in France

Do not necessarily expect American-style diligence ("the customer is king") from service people. Most of them are not trained to think that securing and keeping your business is an absolute priority. If they feel that you, the customer, are a nuisance—for being picky, for taking too long to decide what you want to buy, for asking too many questions—they will let you know in so many words, or simply ignore you. Since few employees work on commission and since labor laws and powerful unions make dismissals very difficult, service people are disinclined to make efforts at pleasing you.

interesting facts about France

If a rule or regulation seems inane and/or impossible to meet, don't panic!—there is most probably a way around it. Ask a native about the appropriate Système D solution!

Customer service is alien to Italian shopkeepers

Customer service is not a word in the Italian dictionary. I have many, many more stories like this one.

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calling teachers and senior staff members by first name

Is ‘Miss’ sexist? Not inherently so, but it’s not the equivalent – in terms of linguistic power – of ‘Sir’. That would be ‘Ma’am’ – which, to contemporary ears, sounds archaic, somewhat Downton Abbey-esque.

Academics say that traditional teachers' titles such as 'Sir' and 'Miss' should be axed, with pupils being expected to use first names to drag schools into the 21st century

According to the Times Educational Supplement, Sir was first used in 16th century classrooms when male teachers of a lower social standing were attempting to reinforce their authority among largely upper-class boys.

Miss is largely a throwback to the late Victorian era when pressure was put on women to give up work after they married, with a number of schools only hiring single female teachers.

on going debate in the uk

First name culture in USA
As goes our social world, so too goes the workplace. Addressing people by their first name is now the norm in corporate America (though not in the rest of the world — to the ongoing consternation of business travelers). And while there are critics and bow-tied traditionalists who will decry such an outrage or indecency or informality, I think that we all need to get with the times.

Using first names to address colleagues, clients, and bosses at work is good for both young and old, junior staffers and senior executives alike. For junior employees, it levels the playing field; for senior or “seasoned” managers, it implies accessibility — a commodity of increasing value in today’s social and digital age.

Level the playing field

When, as a young person, you address someone as Mr. or Ms., you immediately establish yourself as either a) younger or b) lower status, neither of which is particularly helpful to your cause professionally. Instead, walking into a room confidently with a “Hello, John, nice to meet you. I’m Jodi Glickman. It’s a pleasure to be here” establishes you as both confident and mature. It minimizes that status gap rather than amplifying it with a “Hello Mr. Smith, I’m Jodi…”

life hack suggestion
Call them by the right title. A “Doctor” is someone with a PhD; not all professors have a PhD. “Professor” is usually appropriate, unless you’ve been told otherwise. I prefer to be called by my first name, and I make that point clearly on the first day of class;

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time management principles of Prof jim muncy
some nice time management principles
The Value Principle:
Poverty Awaits Those Who Spend High Value Time Doing Low Value Things

The System Principle:
Any System Is Better than No System

The Andretti Principle:
If Everything Seems Under Control, You Just Aren’t Going Fast Enough



Clutter free or declutter rules

declutter chart

Ten rules of decluttering
Rule 1: When in doubt, throw it out.
Rule 2: Use it or lose it.
Rule 3: Efficiency counts, so store things accordingly.
Rule 4: Handle something once.
Rule 5: Recycle it.
Rule 6: Pick a number and stick with it.
Rule 7: Use a file cabinet.
Rule 8: Do Something.
Rule 9: A place for everything, and everything in its place.
Rule 10: Items displayed in the house have to pass a test.
Rule 11: Don't do things "later."
Rule 12: Label things.
Rule 13: Call in a professional.

Perhaps you've seen the classic movie Cheaper by the Dozen. The head of the household in this movie was an efficiency expert. (Remember them? Businesses used to hire them all the time. They still do, but they call them management engineers or industrial engineers now.) This particular efficiency expert devoted his life to the study of such things. He found, for example, that it was considerably faster to button his shirt starting at the top and buttoning downward compared to starting at the bottom and buttoning upward. This little gem of knowledge in itself may not reduce clutter, but efficiency boils down to a maximum of output with a minimum of input, and it's a concept that's crucial to managing clutter.

Rule 7: Use a file cabinet.
We feel as strongly about this as Hoover felt about a chicken in every pot. Every contemporary home needs a file cabinet—not just those with a home office or those belonging to your superorganized friends. Even if you don't have a desk—or instead of one if you don't have room—invest in a file cabinet. You can always use the dining room table as a temporary desk, but nothing else is a substitute for a file cabinet.

list of 10 creative ways to declutter your home:

if I haven’t used it in the last fifteen minutes, I probably don’t need it.

Don’t Throw out Grandmother, Just Her Dress. We attach so much meaning to stuff. We have grandmother’s wedding dress hanging in the closet. We can’t throw it away because it was her wedding dress. It is as if we are throwing her out. Remember, you are throwing away a dress not a person. If you keep it, it will just take up space. Then, when you die, your kids will toss it out anyway. Save them the trouble. I bet your grandmother will look down from heaven some day and wonder why you are keeping that dress.

Avoid the “May Need” Trap.There is a huge trick our mind plays on us that keeps us buried in stuff. We won’t throw things away because we may need them some day. We hold on to receipts, old bills, letters, etc. because we may need them. They pile up. Then if we actually do need one of them, we can’t find it because of all the other “may need” stuff we have to sort through. For a little help here, check out the video Fighting Clutter with a Drawer.

Store Things at the Store. If there is something that you may need someday, go ahead and get rid of it. Store it at the “store.” Wal-Mart, Target, are “stores.” They will “store” stuff just like the things we throw away. If you ever do need something, just go to the store, pay a retrieval fee and you have a brand new item just like the one you threw away. Think of the “store” as where you “store” all the stuff you may need some day.

Be a Blessing to Others. We often don’t want to throw things away because we feel guilty. We feel like we are being wasteful. So take your good stuff to Goodwill, the Salvation Army, or some other charitable thrift store. Then you won’t be wasteful. You will be benevolent. If we let things turn into junk before we unload them on the thrift stores, how benevolent are we? Not much.

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organized in organisation

Whatever the election or selection procedure, committee is to be made on time. It does not matter whether the committee is selected by the chairperson or elected by the general members.

Whatever the decision process, decisions are to be taken. Decision taking may be autocratic, consensus or democratic. In general, it is best to discuss with relevant persons and general members or staff, however final decision would be taken by the boss or leader that may reflect the discussion or not. However the decision is to be taken by the leader or boss.



How to deliver equality in real life

All human beings are made equal. However, Natural equal discrimination are in place this world. These are age and gender. The other things are not that equal natural discrimination.

Other differentiation are ok. To run the society there should be different jobs,ranks, salaries etc. However it would be great if things could be made equal in public dealing

As much as possible ensure equality like all are treated equal in mosque. Therefore like English, same salutation pronoun may be used for all in every language. For example, in Bangla, apni,tumi,tui pronouns are used to differentiate status rather than simply age related salutation. A young 20some guy may say tumi to an elderly 60 yrs person if the young guy is the boss. However in English as only one salutation, everyone is called equally, that's great.

 If neded to differentiate hide it. For example, if special lunch room is provided for officers, it may be located inside officers club rather placed openly in the usual cafeteria.
Money could be used as medium for differentiation as it has more egalitarian dimension. Money does not differentiate among position, rank, education any one who has money could buy the object with a price tag.

all are equal just put into different situations. So nothing is yours, only your good deeds.

Basic thing should be provided to the lowest level if differentiation to be made. For example, the lowest level should have a basic mobile if the highest level folks get pricey iphone. Similarly if sofas are provided for higher ups, atleast plasctic chair should be there for the lowlevel staff.

you may be all alone, and at the end that is the very truth. So if you get some good points do it. Dont bother whether other getting their share, as you are getting your share and you are getting more.

Almighty has made all equal, however Allah has provided us different types of intelligence, education, wealth etc just to test. Here questions may be different but the overall questin strength or hardness is the same. So there is no point to take pride in for rank, position, status, education, beauty, wealth. One will be only judged for his deeds not any other earthly things provided in different quantity and forms to make the test  entertaining though strength of overall question set is the same for all as set up according to the individual situation by the Almighty Allah.


Sunday, September 13, 2015


setting maximum price that could be charged much higher as counter mechanism

In generally govt provide a maximum price for taxi,bus, cng autorickshaw fare and these vehicle usually keep these as their rate.

However if reverse thing could be done an interesting situation arises. For example, Bangladesh Government Road Transport Authority sets 12 Taka per km for CnG autoricksaw. Now All autorickshaws use this in their meter. However due to rising cost, jam etc most of the CNG autorickswaws go to the destination on contract which usually is higher than waht comes up in meter. So if the government sets a price per KM quite high, then cng autoricshaws usually would provide discount to the passengers and prefer to use the meter instead of contract. So for price maximum ceiling should be a little higher form the prevalent market value.


Tuesday, September 08, 2015


reverse salary increase mechanism

Instead of trade union like demand of salary increase, one may go for the reverse route. That is , he contributes more than expected and eventually his salary will increase.

Again, proper monitoring of the job is required to get the work done. Merely salary or money will not give you the good job though it is an important parameter


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