Sunday, April 13, 2008


Distribution of relief fund collected from Ireland for SIDR victims in Bangladesh

Masud(Postgrad, MME, DCU) went to Bangladesh last December with the money collected from Ireland for SIDR cyclone victims of Bangladesh.

Later he arranged distribution of the fund collected with the gracious help of his relatives.
Many many thanks to Masud and his relatives & associates for this gracious act of kindness and time. Thanks a million to everyone who donated for this noble cause.
Appears the breakdown of the expenditure on this purpose.

1. Sharee_______(100piece*200) = 20,000 tk.

2. Longee______(100piece*185) = 18,500 tk.

3. Blanket______(100piece*210) = 21,000 tk.

4. Toilet_______(12toilets*3000) = 36,000 tk.

5. Tubewell____(6tubewell*8500) = 51,000 tk

6. Mike for a Mosque_(4,550)= 4,550 tk.

Total = 1,51,050 tk.

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