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Express your voice: it has impact;10% tipping point

Great write up on how little expression of opinion always has impact. And only when 10 percent people hold a view firmly , the rest 90 percent people will accept this view. You may checkout the whole write up of Washington here:



mobile price sites in Bangladesh

Symphony official site with price. I like Symphony site as it is regularly updated. Besides when once I emailed I got quick reply. Thus for local brand, I would prefer symphony.In the website, it has side by side comparison and close view for the mobiles.

An early mobile price listing site.Simple though does not have comparison feature or does not show which are newones.

Mobieldokan has a brief report about each brand. Thats interesting. The site is simple though sorted with lowest to highest. Drawback is in the main pae no pics of the phone and no side by side comaring otpion available.They have short note on each series, thats cool and users also put up some useful comments. is better looking site with sorting mention. In the listing it shows rating and release date those are importantIt has quite a lot sorting and closing option. Further it provies short note and comments by the users are also availalbe. I think it is the best site for mobile price as of march 2015



Book review: Saifurs Zero to Hero

Saifurs spoken English book xero to hero

It uses Question and answer system. Read the question loudly, so hear you it. Then read the answer loudly, so hear it. Most of the time we ask or beign asked question adn we answer the information. So Saifurs method seems a good idea. Further the first step of learnig a new language is listening,then speaking. So loudly saying something does it two. Then one is asked to make sentences similar to it. Here it uses our human brain powers ability to generalize adn use it with efficiency and power. By the by, pronunciation is also given in Bengali alphabest, thats a clever idea to provide proper sonunds in the form of alphabet.

I think Saifurs method is better than traditional grammar based spoken engish. here saifur does not use any grammar. However, I think it is best to go straight to certain situation, memorize the phrases and very late stage words especially noun and pronouns may be meemorized. but no grammar. Further dialgouge written in English and its surruoundings and emotional things may be given in Bengali. this way one may go close to video things through use of words.

This question ans method is called direct method. I have seen some videos of saifur books over youtube. They drill the sentecnes as mentioned in the books. I think its the feasible option considering the cost of multimedia and audio things. its close to the real natural thing with minimal cost.



Almost Natural Spoken or ANS system

I am going to propose an innovative spoken English method. I call it ‘Almost Natural Spoken’ or ‘ANS’ methods. As the abbreviation suggest it is the ans to the limitation of many existing spoken language learning system.
Here goes the step by step procedures of ANS system:
Show video of a specific situation with conversation among different persons. The video obviously should include audio. However, initially no subtitle or transliteration(pronunciation in written form with English alphabets or any other languages alphabets).
Next the same video is shown without Audio. This time the learners are asked to say the sentences said by different persons in the video as they have heard earlier.
The video is shown again without sound. This time the instructor says the sentences said by different person in the video loudly and the learners say it with him/her loudly.
The video is shown with transliteration but no  audio  and the learners are asked to say those sentences told by the different persons in the video loudly. If in the video, no transliteration is provided then the learner should say the sentences loudly one more time with the instructor. 
The video is shown with audio and subtitles are provided. If there is no subtitle, the instructor describes the meaning in the mother tongue or the language understood by the learners.
Finally the learners are asked to stage a drama with the same dialogues they have practiced earlier in the situation.

When major situations phrases are completed, students may start building up vocabulary. But here again, they would be shown pictures of different words with pronunciation audio. After several practice, the instructor may tell the meaning of such words I n the learners mother tongue or the language they understand.
Simultaneously, the learners go through question ans format to study different high frequency words, preposition, idiom, question words, etc. No grammar is introduced at this stage.
When the learners become fluent in speaking, they go for free writing. This time also no grammar is introduced.
When all of the above stages are completed, the learners may be introduced to grammar.



Decision taking modes in a meeting

To get input from all, junior most and least status one should be given the floor first. Then gradually senior and higher status folk would take part. The chairperson should not put forward some plan or idea first because in that case it may be assumed that things are already finalized.
If it is consensus method decision, all input should be considered and a consensus to be reached. Generally this style should be adopted in informal organization like charity or social casues.
However, other mode of decision may be used like decision by chairperson, simple majority, two thirds etc.
If autocratic decision method of decision(i.e. decision by the chairperson) is used, it is better to explain why the decision taken and provide reasoning of not taking some of the input or conversely put in a positive note like advantage of this against the proposition put forward by others.
For more information on consensus decision, the following site may be checked out:


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