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Apps dowload to pc or laptop as .apk file,later transfer to mobile

Lately I could not use google play store installed in my Goldberg Zap FX1 mobile. When I logged in, it asks to redeem though I did not get any redeem code to my email. So I could not browse playstore for apps or install. Same applies to gmail, I could not access the gmail. Well there may be some malware or virus in the mobile. I just bought it, so it might have infected while Android kitkat and other built in apps were installed.

Then I tried to download through the following method. But it did not work as in mobile it showed error in downloading.

It provides all the info

Use the same gmail account you are using for your mobile to download apps through pc. As you click install it may ask to which phone it should install.

So I have gone for the following download apk file using evozi.com link generator

Alternatively, allow download from unknown source, then download the APK file to your computer, transfer to your mobile using usb,then install it. It is called sideloading.

If your Android device is short on space, or you want to work around country restrictions, then you can simply download an APK file directly from Google Play to your computer and install it on your device later. Effectively, you can store an APK collection on your hard drive or cloud storage, then dip into it when you want to grab an app. Here's how to download APKs to your PC.

Download APK file from Google Play using a website

If you're a more casual APK downloader then a Chrome extension is probably not really necessary. Instead, you can just visit a dedicated site for generating APK download links whenever you need to.

    Go to the Play Store and find the app you want to download.
    Copy the app's URL address from the browser's address bar.
    Next, go to a site like Evozi's APK Downloader (Evozi also has a Chrome/Firefox extension)
and paste the app package name (or the whole Google Play URL if you're lazy) in the box at the top of the page.

    Hit the blue button to generate the download link and save it to your computer.
    Sideload the APK to your phone/tablet and install it as above.Here you need to check to allow unkonwn source in security features in your setting.

nstall APK file on your Android device

    Enable 'Unknown sources' in your phone's security settings (Settings > Security > Unknown sources) to transfer APKs from your PC.
    Connect your phone to your PC using a USB cable. The necessary drivers should install automatically and your phone should show up like a USB storage device.

    Next, copy the APK you downloaded to your PC onto your phone (this is called ''sideloading''). I'd recommend an obvious location like the Downloads folder.
    Go to the Downloads folder on your phone using its File Manager app, then tap the APK you just transferred over. It will request your permissions then install itself to your device.
    For your peace of mind and security, disable ''Unknown Sources'' when you’re done.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Procrastination remedies, beating procrastination - the ultimate methods compiled with tricks for Time Management

First find what is your purpose in life. You may use Steve Pavlina's method for to find purpose of life at:

We have two things in one human body. One is pleasure loving self or caveman brain. The other is rational self or our advanced brain.

Pleasure loving self is more powerful,that's why its sometimes called elephant.

While rational self has limited willpower, so it is called sometimes rider.

Pleasure loving self always looking for pleasure, easy path. Besides it is the caveman brain, So it always tries to save the self as it was in the caveman days. That is, looking for immediate gain,eating, flight or fight in case of danger.

Though as the days go by, our advanced brain or rational self has developed but still our caveman brain remains powerful. So it is the best strategy to start and continue task, in other words beat procrastination, is to take the caveman brain in our side.

Caveman brain only starts a task when it believes that the details of the task is known to you and there is a fare chance of success. However, if there is less chance, if the details with precise script is there, it may be convinced to take the risky path as well.

So to convince the caveman brain, the details of the task should be presented with possibility or availability of resources to be successful should be presented. It is true that it is not always possible to put forward in detail of every minute parts of a task and sometimes the ways come out as the task progresses, atleast 20 percent,that is called critical path, should be provided with minute detail. The critical path includes starting phase and final outcome and in between important parts.

So next time you procrastinate, try to write a dummies guide of how to do the task you are avoiding. If you do so, automatically you will be inspired to start the work.Nice trick. So Write downs the rough steps in a page or notepad.

Why caveman brain requires details or precise script of actions? The ans is that in the caveman era, the primary task of human beings for survival is to find food. Finding food means going to jungle or kill animals. All these entails risk of live as human beings did not have that much weapons or technology. So to safeguard life, if details are not provided, caveman brain thinks it may entail the risk of life as it could not evaluate what would be things. So caveman brain tries to save life by preventing human beings from doing the task that does not have precise details and fair probability of success. For example, in the caveman era, if a person thinks about to hunt an animal but he does not provide details about how he would do so. Thus caveman brain thinks he may just go straight the animal in open hand without any weapon and may loose his life. Thus it tries to save life by making him to procrastinate to start that task, in this case going for a hunt without any precised plan of actions. 

So for a goal, different stages and important tasks relevant to those stages should be figured out in the action plan. However, in some cases detail of micro tasks could be found while doing one task or finishing one task. It is ok and tasks could be modified accordingly in the action plan as execution goes on. But the important thing is to have the action plan prepared earlier. Besides the critical tasks should be mentioned with details. In general, 20% tasks constitute critical tasks.

Some other tips and tricks to beat the procrastination are provided below:

Do the task in happy go lucky rough mode. Just do a minimal rough work. In most cases, doing th the work on time with minimalist is ok and far better than doing it well taking a lot of time.

Start small : Find small steps that your pleasure loving self will allow.

If you get an idea, within 5 second put a time to contemplate on it in that given day.

Doing a task for a short time,that is called dash, is often helpful. For example, 2 minutes dash, or 5 minutes dash etc. Sometims quantity may be used as dash. For example, writing one pages every day.

Less but often. It forms a habit and like compounding interest output grows compoundingly withing time. So the life purpose task or very important, remember important not urgent task should be a given a slot every day or every week or every month. It is also called don't break the chain method.

Bind yourself: change the environment so that you are forced to do the task.For example, cutting internet line so that you may not be distracted by browsing internet.
Take out the lure in advance. When it comes close, it is difficult to resist. For example,take out the modem from your desk earlier. If you think that when you sit for writing you would move it, it may be difficult, you might find yourself logging into internet through this modem instead of writing. 

Pre commitment: take decision earlier about you would do for a little difficult task.

Time and place - action trigger: for every task make sure to allocate a time and place to do so .

Begin with the least urgent task first.

Make sure your work is left unfinished a little bit so that you could take the lead from in the next time. It may be counter intuitive but psychology says it helps to keep the flow. For example,for a paper, today you have finished writing introduction,then started writing methodology, well don't complete the methodology,just keep a few lines and you start it over from the last part of methodology in the next day .

When you come to your desk, before planning,start doing something important. Then come to planning.
Always have a task prepared for the next.

References for more reading:




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Wednesday, July 15, 2015


importance of answering opinions

The word answering is used to emphasize that opinion given by a person is like a question to the leader or boss if that opinion is not taken or partly taken finally.

When taking major decisions, its best to consult with stakeholders even with bottom level stakeholders like factory workers.

If it is a board room setting, it is best to get the opinion of the lowest level(most junior in position and seniority) and then go up the higher status people.

The leader will take the decision after hearing the opinions. The leader or the boss may take the decision based on consesus or majority opinion or expert opion or autocratically what he/she feels best. However whatever the decision it is best to give reasons why certain recommendations are not taken together which part of his/her opinion is taken(the leader coud always find some part of ones opinion in the decision he has taken). Such reason providing could have the analogy of visa refusal. When visa is refused to a person, usually he gets a letter stated the reasons. The reasons may be a list and cartain ones are just tick marked. Still it provieds psychological relieve to the human beings who likes to know the reasons.



armhr management leader election and decision style

Appears below management style developed by me(ARMHR). So the name given ARMHR management leader election and decision style.

Decision making:

Decision to be made on consensus. In case consensus fails,then the chair of the concerned committee would take the decision. However, 80 percent of the committee members may block any decision by the chairperson. The blocking may be shown just by raising hands or if sensitive then by secret ballots. At this case, consensus would be sight again and if failed secret ballot would be held and simple majority would give the decision.

An alternative may be like this: if 50 percent or more of the executive committee members raise their hands or go against the decision of the chair in secret ballot, then the chair would try to get consensus. But if it is not possible, secret ballot will be held and if 80 percent or more vote do not go against the chair,in that case the chair's decision remains. However, 80 percent or more go against his decision, his decision will become null and void. It may be a better check and balance. 

Chairperson elected by vote,then the Chair selects his/her aides
Chairperson should be elected by secret ballot. The previous committee may name a few probable persons to the members. Again, any member could propose a suitable candidate for president. Later members would give his preference as president to different persons, atleast two. He may give preference from the list provided by the former committee or anyone he likes.
If a candidate gets 80 percent or more,he will be deemed elected.
If no one gets 80 percent or more, second round election will be held between top two vote earners. In this second round, simple majority vote will decide the winner.

In chairperson election, every member at any level is eligible to vote.
50 percent or more members voting is required for the election of chairperson. If voting rate is less than 50 percent, second round would be held between the top two and one would be elected on simple majority.

After the chairperson is elected, he would fill up other core positions. At first in the AGM, consensus would be sought.If consensus could not be reached, the chairperson would nominate the core positions. However, 80 percent member may block any core position nomination by the chairperson. At this case, consensus would be sight and if failed secret ballot would be held and simple majority would decide the winner.

For election of core positions, 50 percent or more executive committee members should be present. If such quorum could not be reached,then 20 percent presence of executive committee members would do.

For core position election, chairperson and regional committee should be formed earlier. Chair and secretary of each regional committee will have ex-officio membership in the executive committee. So chairperson and ex-officio members of the executive committee would elect core positions. For the core position, they could elect any member. Outgoing executive committee members may have voting rights for the selection of core positions.

Candidates may go for campaign or in some cases campaign may be restricted.

If someone is not nominated by the past executive committee or search committee, he or she or his/her nominator should pay some fee to cover up printing or online voting cost as the more name in the ballot, the more cost. However, the cost would not be much in online but processing and reporting would be increased as those are done by human beings.


Monday, July 13, 2015


Laissez Faire or giving freedom management style

Definition of laissez-faire leadership or management style with history and examples:


Laissez Faire cooling period: Subordinates have to inform the suggested action or solution to the boss. There may be a cooling period of two day or three day or so. If the boss does not provide any comment within the cooling period, subordinates will go ahead with the suggested action or solution.

Laissez Faire and regularly passing updates: Subordinates will take decisions themselves; howver these decision would be conveyed to the boss immediately or within a given time interval. After getting the information, if required the boss may intervene.

Laissez Faire and inform about the decision just after implementing the decision or after one third of the implementation is done or so: Here the boss is also in passive.He intervenes after certain level of implementation is done by the decisions of the subordinates.

Laissez Faire extreme freedom: subordinates take the decisions and implement without informing the boss, no need to inform the boss, the boss tries to find out what their decisions and modify if he thinks it is required



Be the best or use the best in a category

Use or become best on a category with certain conditions

It is great feeling to be the best or use the best thing in a category. However the cost or time or skill required to attain the best of a category comes close to the next categorys lowest range, then it would be wise to go for the next category's lowest range.

The latter comes from the suggestion that it would be great to get the feel even in a miniature version.

For example, Bangladeshi local brand Goldberg has its topmost set price is around 10600 BDT. Whereas Apple has its lowest end iphone starts from 40000 even for old models. In this case, a person with a budget may go for topmost one at local Brand Goldberg as he does not afford the lowest one of Apple brand.



color names with images

There are many variations and name of colors though key ones are only four: Red, Blue, Green and Yellow.

it is difficult to get a feel of the color just reading the name or explanation. The best way to know or feel about a color is to see it actually, so images of colors would be handy.

Some links of colors with images:



The better one


Short list of colors with images:


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Industrial Engineering related Professional Societies worldwide

Industrial Engineering, Operations Management, Engineering Management, Systems Engineering, Operations Research, IPE related Professional Societies

Industrial Engineering and Operations Management Society(IEOM) – relatively new but fastest growing Society worldwide related to IE.

Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE) – the largest Industrial Engineering related international professional body

Society for Engineering and Management Systems (SEMS) is the society within the Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE)

International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) - the largest System Engineering related international professional body

American Society for Engineering Management (ASEM) – a new society based in USA planning to expand worldwide

American Society of Quality (ASQ) – an established society based in USA with worldwide community

IAENG Society of Industrial Engineering (ISINDE) – Free membership society of International Association of Engineers (IAENG) is a non-profit international association for the engineers and the computer scientists

Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) is the largest society in the world for professionals in the field of operations research (O.R.), management science, and analytics. Under its umbrella, it has several societies.

International Ergonomics Association (IEA) is the federation of ergonomics and human factors societies around the world entitled as international organization founded in Zurich (Switzerland)

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